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The ALLProjekt Wohn- und Gewerbebau GmbH  - provides services for customers from a wide range of sectors, for globally active industrial and construction companies, for service providers, for planning and development offices, for public institutions and administrations as well as private clients.


Laser tracking

Projects that require the highest accuracy expectations, we rely on the newest laser tracking technology with our Leica Absolute Tracker AT402 and can therefore realize high-precision surveying services.


Clean room measurement

We can revert to an extensive experience and a continuously improving know-how in this area. In particular, the measurement under special technical and climatic conditions in the pure room is to be mentioned here.

This includes:
  • Planning and Realization of surveying projects under considerations of the building structure as well as the layout of installations and plants
  • Messung von hochpräzisen (<1 mm) Lage- und  Höhennetzen sowie deren Vermarkung
  • Staking out and positioning of foundations, machines, transport systems and other plants on concrete or double floors
  • Examination of all completed machines, transport systems as well as plants for position and height under highest accuracy requirements
  • Evaluation of the measurements and subsequent documentation in digital and analog form

Machine positioning

We are specialized in surveying support for complex construction projects in plant engineering and the construction of industrial production facilities.

This includes:
  • Inventory and documentation of existing building structures as a basis for planning
  • Marking of dating points of the implementation planning for the exact installation and positioning of machines and transport systems
  • Project over-lapping orientation and positioning of all components of production lines
  • Specifications of height reference points by means of precision leveling and height alignment of machines and systems

Due to our high-precise and needs-oriented surveying, we are able to ensure a successful implementation of demanding industrial projects ranging from design and layout to it’s completion.

Range of services


Industrial surveying

Precision stakeout and alignment of machines und production lines, measurement of craneways.


Construction accompanying survey

Inventory measurements, rough and detailed marking out, routing, axis specifications, construction control measurements, deformation and monitoring measurements, quantity measurement, precision levelling, final surveys.


Design surveying

As a basis for planning (site and elevation plans, land utilization plan, terrain profiles, thematic maps, contour line plans)


Architectural surveying

Horizontal and vertical sections of buildings, area calculations, data provision for building and facility management, façade surveys.


Media documentation

Pipeline maps, shaft cadastre, elevation profiles, horizontal and vertical sections of special structures, data provision for GIS.

Our measurement technology

Highest accuracies require high-precision measurement technology.

To achieve this, we use precision measurement technology and software from LEICA Geosystems as well as special accessories for the clean room and machine positioning:


High performance total station LEICA Viva TS2 L2” R1000, TCA2003, TC1800 and TCRA1201


LEICA DNA03 and DNA10 digital leveling instruments for height measurements


special templates and stopping devices for loadports, foundations and tools


Leica Absolute Tracker AT402 from Hexagon Metrology


GPS SmartRover Leica GPS1200 with RX1200


Leica precision prisms, precision plump bombs, Invar leveling staffs and aluminum tripods

About Us

ALLProjekt Wohn- und Gewerbebau GmbH is your partner for services in varying sectors. Worldwide operating industrial and construction companies, service provides, planning and development offices, public institutions und administrations or private building owners trust in the potential of ALLProjekt GmbH.

Already since 1993 ALLProjekt Wohn- und Gewerbebau GmbH – Dresden is your trustworthy partner.

With its experienced employees ALLProjekt GmbH – Surveying provides the full range of services and solutions in the fields of industrial und special surveying, design surveying, construction accompanying survey, architectural surveying and media documentation.

In the area of construction planning, we accompany you from the basic evaluation to the site supervision. Our qualified employees realize your building and structure planning as well as engineering surveys and take over the project management of your construction plans.


Feel free to contact us via the contact form or under the following phone number: 0 351 / 40 15 465

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